Issues Regarding DMR in the Amateur Radio Service

The DMRGateway Phase II Dec 2018 Revised Feb 5

There are two major issues with the original pi-star DMRGateway.
1) It supported only 4 networks that are hard coded(0)XLX,  1)BM, 2)DMR+, 3)HBLink/DMR2YSF/DMR2NXDN).
TGIF can be installed on Network 3 but any changes in the pi-star main configuration disables or rewrites Network 3.

2) There was no isolation between the networks. if one network is active and you activate another ie: Talking on Network 3 and then switching over to Network 1 Brandmeister, then both networks are live and there is a race on to see which network can grab the radio transmitter. sending a 4000 disconnect has no effect on either network. The only option is to switch to a tg that is not in use on the selected server.

The revised DMRGateway Phase II written by Ty KG5RKI, and modified by Phil VE3RD

This version of the DMRGateway will now allow for separation of Time Slots for the DUPLEX boards. There are two Modes I refer to as Filtered and Unfiltered. Sending a TG90000 sets the unfiltered mode which effectively disables the Network Isolation. In Filtered Mode, sending a TG 90001 – 90005 will switch to the designated Network and ignore all others.

This revised DMRGateway will handle 6 Networks as follows

0) [XLX Network] XLX Network
1) [DMR Network 1] Brandmeister
2) [DMR Network 2] DMR Plus
3) [DMR Network 3] HBLink / DMR2YSF / DMR2NXDN
4) [DMR Network 4] TGIF_Network
5) [DMR Network 5] Spare

This DMRGateway will respond to rf signals on TG 90000 to 90005 (Group Calls)
TG 90001 will switch on Network 1 Brandmeister and ignore all others
TG 90004 will switch on Network 4 TGIF_Network and ignore all others.

The StartNet parameter in the ini file [/etc/dmrgateway]  will select the network to use when DMRGateway starts up.  ie StartNet=4 will start Network 4 TGIF_Network.

Automatic Switch. There is an automatic Network selector if Network 0 (Zero) is not selected then….
TG31665 selects Network 4 TGIF (31665 is not allowed on BM)
TG310 selects Network 1 Brandmeister (310 is not valid on TGIF)

You only need to create a channel in your radio to tx the control code for networks you intend to operate on. This new DMRGateway uses the published TG Numbers. There is no longer any reason to use the 500000 numbers however if you wish to use them make sure there is a line in /etc/dmrgateway [Network 4] as follows. TGRewrite=2,500001,2,1,99999

If you run in unfiltered mode (Net 0), you will need the 500000 number, unless you run a duplex board. If running a duplex board you can separate BM and TGIF by setting all rewrite rules such that BM uses Time Slot 1 and TGIF uses Time Slot 2

the /etc/dmrgateway (.ini file) is still set in test mode. For production set the following

Debug=0 (Zero)
Daemon=1  {Note: Log – FileLevel MUST be Zero}

FileLevel=0 (Zero)


DMRGateway modified to provide voice announcements of the startup network set in the dmrgateway.ini file
as well as changes in the selected network based on the TG90000-TG90005 sent from the radio.
updated on 
also available as before on

———————————————————————Pre Install Pi-star setup
1) Turn on DMR mode
2) Configure Call Sign, ID, WIFI
3) Restore tx and rx offsets,  if required
4) Set DMR Master to a Master Server (NOT dmrgateway)
5) Log into your hotspot with ssh

Make sure your pi-star is up to date with the following commands before proceeding with the install
1) rpi-rw
2) sudo pistar-update

Install Instructions

When this has finished, start the install sequence for the new DMRGateway
type in the following commands (Do Not Cut & Paste)
       a) rpi-rw
       b) sudo su
       c) wget
       d) chmod +x  ./
       e) ./
f) select item 1 and repeat, restart script as required until updates are complete
g) Select item 2 and wait for install to complete

Post Install Instructions

Now go back to your pi-star configuration and change the Master Server to DMRGateway and Apply Changes.
When this is finished come back down to the DMR section and set your Brandmeister Master Server(This is your choice. I like the US Masters 3101 to 3103) All other setting in this group are at your discretion. they have no effect on the DMRGateway. Apply Settings and then reboot your hotspot. It should come up running in Network 0 Unfiltered Mode. Key up TG31665 and it will switch to TGIF Network 4, ot TG310 to select Brandmeister

Menu Item 1 does some pre-install setup
Menu Item 2 does the actual install

The remaining items are maintenance items and are not necessary for the actual install.

There are a few script files included. – copy the new binary file (after a make) to /usr/local/bin/ – brings up the active log file, with continuous updates – operates the DMRGateway. it takes four parameters as follows  start / stop / restart / status

Report issues in the TGIF Forum in the New DMRGateway category

If you have any questions regarding these instructions, READ THEM AGAIN! If you STILL need help, send an email to be at I will do an anydesk session with you, however I will need the ‘putty’ ssh terminal app installed and working.

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