Issues Regarding DMR in the Amateur Radio Service

TGIF through the DMRGateway

[Revised 2018/11/01]

Why: Using this method, TGIF is just another channel on your radio. There is no need to change servers in your hotspot. Remember the days when you just dialed up TG 31665, Here is the equivalent.

This is my configuration. It may be adjusted to fit your own requirements.

Just Discovered 10 Nov:

Before attempting to connect a hotspot to the TGIF_Network over the DMRGateway, Make sure that you have no other hotspot turned on that is connected to the TGIF_Network Server. After a successful connection you can turn the other hotspot(s) back on.


1) Create a Group Digital Contact.  suggestion: TGIF 500009 (The 9 is the important element). This should be a Group Call.
2) Create a channel: TGIF 500009  (must not conflict with existing TGs) and use the Digital Contact created above in the Contact Name / TX Contact field
3) Put the channel in a zone.

Sample Contacts

Same Channel

Sample Zone


Pi-Star Dashboard:  (Configuration Page – DMR Block)
1) Set the DMRMaster Field to DMRGateway and Save

2) Scroll back down to DMR Configuration. You now have a few more fields
3) Set your Favourite DMR Master (The remaining fields are optional for this exercise)

4) Go to Expert Mode and select Full Edit: DMR GW
5) Scroll down to [Network 1]
6) Add a new Line below:  Port=62031   
7) Type in:  Local=62037
8) Go down to the bottom and select [Network 3]
9) Fill in the fields as follows 

[DMR Network 3]
Id=xxxxx {Your DMR ID here}    {This and the following line do the connection to the TGIF Server}
Local=62033          (This is added because 62031 is used by [Network 1])
TGRewrite=2,500001,2,1,99999    {Note 1 – TS,TG -> TS,TG : Range}
Password=”passw0rd”     (Zero Not Letter O)

Note 1: Any Group Call to a TGID in the Range 500001 to 599999 ( on TS2) coming in on RF will be sent to the internet server on TS2 TGID  1 to 99999. This TGID must conform to the Digital Contact created in your Radio.

Note 2:  The SrcRewite rule cannot be used while TGIF is running on TG9. Any  TGID in the Range (on TS2) coming in from the internet server will be sent out RF to TGID 500009 (on TS2)

The PcRewrite rule cannot be used while TGIF is running on TG9. Any  TGID in the Range  (on TS2) coming in RF will be sent out to the internet server to and any response will come back on TG9

Note 3:  Do Not Use the SrcRewrite Rule : Any Private Call on RF TS2 TG 500001 to 500999 will be sent to the internet server on TS2 TG 1 to 599999. The return will be handled by the 
SrcRewrite  rule.

Note 4: The Ranges can be adjusted to fit your needs.Note 5: Any changes in the main Configuration Page will disable Network 3 (Bug?).    You will need to go back into expert mode to re-enable it
with either Quick Edit or Full Edit

The DMRGateway controls only 4 Networks as follows :

[XLX Network ]          XLX – 950
[DMR Network 1]       Brandmeister
[DMR Network 2]       DMR+
[DMR Network 3]       TGIF_Network

WARNING: Do NOT attempt to use a [DMR Network 4]. It will shut down the DMRGateway.

The following is a cut & paste from my pi-star. Cut & paste the following to overwrite your existing Network 1, and 3 and adjust Id=xxxxxx to reflect your own DMR ID

[DMR Network 1]

[DMR Network 3]

NOTE: If you change the Master DMR Server in the main communications module, you MUST come back to this file and re-enable [Network 3]

Any changes in this file require a Pi-Star reboot

Several people that have contacted me because they could not get this to work, missed steps along the way. Unless ALL the steps are completed this will NOT work. Therefore I have setup a check list to assist the install. Only fill this in if you have attempted an install and it fails.

Steps to Install DMRGateway (Radio)


  1. Create Group Contact 500000 + TGID  (Ex: Server TG 101 = Radio TG 500101)
  2. Save Contact
  3. Create Channel
  4. Set the TXContact to that created in Item 1 above
  5. Save Channel
  6. Put the Channel into a Zone


Steps to Install DMRGateway (Hotspot)

Pi-Star – Main Configuration Page (DMR Configuration)

  1. Set the DMR Master Server to ‘DMRGateway’ and  Save
  2. Scroll back down to the DMR Configuration and Set Secondary Server to ‘US 3101’ or anything else you choose and Save

Pi-Star Expert Mode – Full Edit: DMR GW

     [Network 1]

  1. Add ‘Local=62037’ in a new line underneath Port=62031

     [Network 3]

  1. Cut [Network 3] code above
  2. Paste into and replace [Network 3]
  3. Put in your DMRID in the appropriate field ‘XXXXXX’ and  Save
  4. Reboot Pi-Star

(******   IMPORTANT  ******)

Phil VE3RD