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SmartPhone Pi-Star Hotspot Dashboard

Do you have an old jumbo spot and you keep hearing all the hype about the Nextion Screen. Well here is a free alternative. Works great whe out in the gazebo and hotspot is in the house.

This app will NEVER give you all the functionality of a Nextion Screen, however it will provide most of the information to operate the hotspot. It is NOT fancy, but it is functional.

It also provides a bit more information on active callers

BETA Testing is now wide open to anyone willing to give it a try

Download apk file at



  1. click on the supplied .apk file and install it into a android smart phone.
  2. When it starts it should install the script files from a github repository
    if this does not work try the following.

    1. Log into your pi-star hotspot via SSH
    2. type the following
      sudo su
      git clone

Getting Started

  1. You must first load the list file on the configuration screen with your hotspot ip addresses
  2. Enter the ip and name (and password if not raspberry) into the appropriate boxes and press
    the [Add] button
  3. When all your ip addresses are entered press the save button
  4. The top ip address in the list will be used every time you start the app or press [Connect]
  5. Selecting any ip in the list will move it to the top
  6. Press the [Load List] to reload your ip address list(if require)
  7. Select your ip address and press [Connect]
  8. Press [Main] to move to the main monitor screen
  9. There is a drop down menu activated by […](three vertical dots) in the top right corner
  10. Your profiles must be entered manually by logging in via ssh and setting parameters in /home/pi-star/Smartphone/profiles.txt not all profiles have been setup. Activated by to
  11. DMRGateway and Last Heard Screens are not fully programmed yet, however a short Last Heard list is available on the Main Monitor screen [Last Heard]

Good Luck and Have Fun

I can usually be found on TGIF 31665

Phil VE3RD