Issues Regarding DMR in the Amateur Radio Service

Notes on Use of Pi-Star Stock DMRGateway

Hi Folks,

I noticed in a recent pi-star update that there is now a Network 4 and Network 5 in the stock DMRGateway. I have therefore revised my /etc/dmrgateway file as follows.  Note there is no audio feedback in the stock gateway. I  am in the process of revising my DMRGateway-1 with audio feedback when you switch into a new TG.

The main connection parameters for each network remain the same. Network 1 thru Network 3  can be set via the pi-star configuration page with the exception of the new TGRewrite rule indicated below. I added a rule in each network as follows. This uses TS2 assuming a simplex hotspot. It can be revised to accommodate a duplex hotspot. Using this method all 5 networks can be alive at the same time(Don’t really know why you would want to do this)

I haven’t checked this, but I suspect that there is no isolation between networks. once TGIF is activated and you switch to and activate another network, then both networks will compete for access to the radio. My DMRGateway-1 does provide the isolation but is currently under revision.

Net1 (BM)

Net2 (DMR+/ DMR Marc)

Net3 (DMR2YSF)

Net4  (TGIF)

Net5  (FDARN)

I removed all PassAllTG and PassAllPC and all other TGRewrite Rules
If you need Private call rules, then you will need to add
PCRewrite, and SrcRewrite rules
if you use this methode, do not forget to reprogram your radio accordingly.

CAUTION!!!!!!!!!   If you make a mistake in setting up this file, the PI-STAR “Apply Changes” button will wipe out this file and fill it in with defaults that do not include Net 4 and Net5. I have commented on this in, so hopefully this will be addressed in a future update. I always maintain /etc/dmrgateway.bak as a recent copy of the file in case it is set back to defaults.

My Network 4 for TGIF as follows.

[DMR Network 4]
Local=62034                  ##  this can be any port in the same range that is not used in another network
Id=XXXXXXX04              ## replace XXXXXXX with your Digital ID and the 04 with your hostspot extended ID

[DMR Network 5]

Set this up  and get it working before you add the private call rules.

If you have problems, catch me on 31665 as I don’t check this forum regularly
Phil VE3RD

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