Issues Regarding DMR in the Amateur Radio Service

Nextion Driver Installation Script

The following script will do a complete install of the nextion driver into a pi-star hotspot

Log into your Hotspot via SSH



cd ./Scripts
(if this fails type      sudo git clone,   and then try again   cd ./Scripts)

sudo ./

Option 1 will do a pi-star update then install the Nextion Screen Driver

Option 2 will install the driver without doing a Pi-Star Update

Choose Option 1 or 2 and press OK/Enter

The hotspot will reboot when done

Log back into your hotspot and type


cd ./Scripts

sudo ./IND2,sh

This time select Option 3 Continue and press OK/Enter

You will be presented with two Options

  1. Interface Usb2TTL(115200 baud) Adapter or GPIO Pins(9600 baud)
  2. Temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius

On script completion the hotspot will reboot and should come up running the Nextion Screen Driver